SmartComp News

Image 1In order to ease the search for possible business and co-operation partners in the Central Baltic region, the SmartComp project has established a contact database including the maritime actors of the region from Estonia, Finland and Latvia.

The database acts as a concrete tool for interested parties to find one another and read various publications that help provide a deeper insight on the region’s maritime sector. The database aims to serve as a supporting element to increase triple helix cooperation between the maritime clusters of the Central Baltic region.

The database lists well over a thousand maritime companies operating in the region. The maritime companies have been categorised by their field of business to help the visitors’ search. The database map shows the concentration of maritime company clusters. In addition to companies, the database also presents the main maritime public and third sector actors and education and research institutions operating in the region.

The database is open for users free of charge. Please check it out at: