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The third SmartComp Research report, Maritime sector developments in the global markets is now hot off the press!

Image 1The report presents the recent developments and future prospects in the most important maritime clusters around the world, including e.g. Brazil, China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and many European clusters. The third research report of the project gives insight on the global developments in the maritime sector and provides new perspectives for visioning the future of the maritime clusters in the Central Baltic region (CBR).

The report although CBR maritime clusters have specialized knowhow in technologies that there is a growing global demand for, there are also other actors providing state-of-the-art expertise in the same fields. These include cleantech solutions, design and engineering services, ship repair and conversion services, offshore expertise, and Arctic expertise. For this reason, the future competitiveness of the CBR actors demands for continuous efforts in R&D as well as marketing.

The report states that the CBR clusters have a lot to learn from competing clusters. For instance, Denmark, Norway and Singapore present interesting examples for CBR clusters to follow when it comes to market developments as well as technological, infrastructural and business-related advancements. These clusters have succeeded with active triple helix cooperation, brave industry networking, and strong investments in implementing ambitious visions.

The complete SmartComp Research Reports can be downloaded free of charge in the Materials section.