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Image 1The second SmartComp Research report, Maritime companies and their business networks in the Central Baltic region is now published. The report provides an analysis on the cooperation relationships and networks of the maritime companies in the Central Baltic region.

The maritime clusters in Estonia, Finland and Latvia are facing similar challenges. The report concludes that tighter cooperation could make the small actors of the region stronger in competition against other maritime clusters in the world. The research is based on case company interviews conducted simultaneously in the three countries.

Common challenges give an opportunity to increase the cooperation between maritime companies in the Central Baltic region. The interviews resulted in a number of suggestions concerning what kind of problematic issues should be tackled and what kind of concrete actions should now be taken. A lot of potential for mutual cooperation lies in joint R&D, repair and maintenance operations, ship conversions, educational cooperation, and EU-level lobbying. To make the whole region a green forerunner, the clusters in the region should rapidly develop the related technical and infrastructural solutions to fit the new environmental regulations. Russia's close presence is an opportunity, and including Russia into cooperation activities is of utmost importance.

Press release about the publication

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