SmartComp News

The 2nd SmartComp Policy Development Roundtable was held on 22 May in Forum Marinum in Turku. This time the focus was on how the Central Baltic Sea maritime clusters can cooperate with Russia. The event gathered together over 80 experts from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia and besides presentations, an interesting panel discussion took place.

Yesterday’s SmartComp Policy Development Roundtable attracted attention also in Finnish national news. Project researcher Eini Laaksonen, leader of the SmartComp research team stated that small businesses in the maritime sector must combine their forces to compete against the giant actors in Asia. Maritime clusters in the Central Baltic region have common challenges but also common opportunities such as the growing Russian market and know-how in cleantech, that can be turned into their advantage.

Read the whole story from the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE News (in Finnish).

All material from the event will soon be available in the Events section of this page.