See Beyond the Sea – Baltic Sea Region Maritime Sector in the Global Competition

26-27 November 2013, Turku, Finland

The SmartComp event culminated in the See Beyond the Sea conference. The event provided knowledge on how to enhance competitiveness and cooperation between maritime actors by improving business operations, branding and policy making. The event discussed the topics from both regional and international perspectives.

The conference gathered together participants from private and political spheres, as well as representatives from public administration, academia and NGOs.

Day1 – Tuesday 26.11.2013 focused on successful global maritime business company cases and co-operational networks from the Baltic Sea Region. National maritime clusters within the Baltic Sea Region will also be dealt with, for example, whether there are any common problems within the industry in Estonia, Finland and Latvia? And are there any chances of gaining any common, competitive advantage of the national challenges and opportunities?

Day2 – Wednesday 27.11.2013 focused on the Baltic Sea maritime sector from the global perspective through the eyes of local, regional, national and EU level actors. The day included high-level speeches and in-depth analysis of the project results and achievements through comments and discussion.


Presentations 26.11.

Presentations 27.11.