About the SmartComp project

Maritime sector has always been sensitive for economic changes. During the past years maritime clusters in the Central Baltic region have faced tightened competition, new requirements of environmental protection, structural changes and weakened competitiveness. Maritime clusters play an important role in different sectors of economy and thus its profitability has wide influences to other sectors of economy, too. In the future competitiveness of the maritime clusters in the Central Baltic region will be even more depending on how well innovativeness and profitable, continuously renewing business can be combined by the network’s operators with the design and production of new technologies and products which are also ecological.

SmartComp aims to support smart, environmentally sustainable development, growth, competition and cooperation between maritime clusters, cities and universities in the Central Baltic region.

The project is financed by Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme 2007–2013.

Project duration: 1.5.2012–31.12.2013
Approximate total project budget in €: 1.2 Mill. €
ERDF co-financing total: 940,000 €

SmartComp has nine project partners.

Outputs and results:

  • Analysis on the current situation of the maritime cluster and its future in the Central Baltic region
  • An understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by the cluster
  • Future scenarios about the development of the Baltic Sea maritime cluster
  • Brand strategy for the Central Baltic maritime clusters
  • SmartComp triple helix database
  • Policy recommendations for supporting maritime clusters of the region